About Anybody e-Marketing

Anybody e-Marketing is part of an international collaborating group of entrepreneurs engaged in building distribution channels for various top quality trend products and services.

Our products and services are only found in high growth markets. Through our particular business concept, we are unlike many traditional businesses barely susceptible to uncontrollable external influences such as government measures, competition, staff and debtors.

Partly because of these advantages we are, even under current economic conditions, able to have a significant annual growth.

Succesfull business with Anybody e-Marketing because of:

  • High quality products and services
  • National and international expansion in growth markets
  • Ongoing training and coaching
  • High efficiency with a low risk profile
  • No stock, bad debts and overheads
  • No staff


What does Anybody e-Marketing do?

Anybody e-Marketing has, in collaboration with a multinational, solved the problems within traditional business for themselves. We focus on the trends in the market and use the Internet to generate international revenue.

As entrepreneurs with our unique marketingconcept we build a consumer base that currently has over one million customers worldwide with a turnover of 500 million euros per year.

Our core business is in the wellness industry, the biggest growth market of the moment. This market is currently about 1,000 billion euro in Europe and growing 500% in the upcoming 7 to 10 years.

In addition, we also focus on other markets trend. Our unique marketing concept is a mix of some very powerful marketing tools in which we use e-commerce, mouth to mouth and try before you buy.

For national and international expansion we are interested in (potential) entrepreneurs, who want to look beyond traditional business and are interested in the business opportunities that e-commerce offers.

Do you recognize yourself in the above?

Are you enterprising, you look further than your current business, you are open to change and you see a high income challenge?

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